Our Story

From left to right: My husband, (Billy), My youngest daughter (Brooklyn), My son (Bill), My oldest daughter who was my inspiration to begin making party favors for her 1st Birthday (Emily), and myself (Jessica)

I began this journey in 2003. My daughter's 1st Birthday was coming up. Her theme was a classic, one in which didn't fit into the norm of Princess themed parties or current date cartoons at the time. I was determined to have party favors in her theme, but after searching the internet to no avail, I realized I was going to have to have to get crafty. I was never one to bake so baking cookies in her theme was out of the question. I had a printer, a computer, and a burning determination to make her party special. This is when I came up with the idea to wrap Hershey Bars with my own printings. From there, I began looking at label printing and decided to wrap Hershey Nuggets with labels and add little round labels to the bottom of Hershey Kisses. That's right! All of these items that flood the market today began with my daughter's 1st Birthday, which needless to say, was a pure success!
From this point, favor making became a hobby. I enjoyed making my unique creations. Shortly after I began creating my products, I began selling them online. My items were a hit! Over the years, I have incorporated many other items into my product lists. I began on Ebay, then expanded to etsy, Amazon and Mercari. My office outgrew my 2nd floor of my house and so my husband and I decided we needed to expand. We opened a sensory gym in NYC which offered Children's Birthday parties and my print shop located in the rear. 
At this point, we decided to open a site to offer my items without having to go through big sites, such as ebay, etsy, Amazon, or Mercari. This site is my new endeavor. I have tens of thousands of products and so my products are currently being added daily. I hope to always have new designs and products to create and so the plan is to never be able to say I am done building my store.
Rice Krispie Treats
With that said, I should add that I can make my products to match any theme at no charge. Please feel free to contact me if you have a hard-to-find theme and need help making your child's party special.